Oregon governor urges residents to 'uninvite' family for Thanksgiving


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is calling on residents in the state to 'uninvite' their loved ones from gatherings over the Thanksgiving holiday.

"This is hard, but making difficult sacrifices now will save lives," Brown tweeted. "This Thanksgiving, keep it small. Uninvite them."

Along with the message was a 30-second video suggesting who people should uninvite, including 'your new boyfriend',  'your drunken uncle', ' your argumentative aunt', 'your bragging brother' and 'your vegan niece.'

The latest effort comes as state officials worry large Thanksgiving gatherings will further exacerbate the recent spike in COVID-19 cases seen across the country.

In addition to rescinding family members' Thanksgiving invitations, Brown has told residents to call the cops if they see coronavirus violations.

Violators could face up to 30 days in jail, up to $1,250 in fines, or both, the Oregonian reported. Brown said she would work with state police and local law enforcement to encourage Oregonians to comply with her mandate.

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